What is e-Vino?_

e-Vino.com is a commodity exchange specialised in bulk wine and grape most concentrate trading. It is designed for professionals, hence the wine procurement managers, as well as for the wine exporters from all over the world. It is a place where the supply and the demand meet, the samples are ordered, orders are placed and contracts are concluded.

e-Vino is a full-featured FREE OF CHARGE application available for all of the most used operation systems and platforms.

The application uses the most modern technologies of data sharing, either online or offline. It is possible to use it also without the registration, however, its advantages can be fully notable once being registered.

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Save your time _

You will not have to travel anymore. The supply and the demand from all over the world certified suppliers and customers can be with you all the time in your notebook, tablet or smartphone.


About app

With e-Vino, you can work offline or even in flight mode when travelling by plane. The browsers, filters, newsletters, statistics and many other functions are naturally part of the application. You will love working with

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Verified suppliers _

All the suppliers are verified by us, which guarantees working with only trustworthy partners.

e-Vino.com will also provide you with organising the transportation and other services related to the goods supply.